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  • Kanalizační vpusti - Miroslav Chuděj
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Chudej s.r.o.

Plastic pressing shop

Chudej company was founded in 1990. At that time, it was a tool shop and factory focused on making injection toolings. Time went by and the market went on so in 1992 the production activities were extended by plastic injection. This is how plastic brackets began. By the year 1997, the company developed, the sales increased and the product ranges greatly extended. At that time, the first technical projects for new products in the category of floor drains and street drains appeared, too.

Currently, the company has been developing two key production programs:

The first programe of interest is developing and making plastic fixing brackets, hammer-in pipe fasteners and floor brackets.

The second category, equally important production program consists in designing and manufacturing street and floor drains, roofing drain and linear floor drains. The drains are made of materials in compliance with EN 1253 and EN 124.

At the present time, we sell our products to wholesale chains in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We also export to the European Union and other countries.


Miroslav Chuděj
company owner

Chuděj s.r.o.
Catch pits, street drains, floor drains, clamps for plastic and copper pipes. Precision production ensures both the functionality of piping systems and visual design. The plastic pressing and tool plant Miroslav Chuděj Miroslav Chuděj, s.r.o. is the genuine and reliable manufacturer of catcher pits, street and bottom drains, pipe clamps for copper and plastic pipes and other accessories.
Miroslav Chuděj, s.r.o
756 62 Hutisko-Solanec 310
Czech republic

Phone: +420 571 757 733, 735
Fax: +420 571 757 737